Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sekhmet. (and other goddesses of the Ancients)

One of my all time favorite parts of writing is the messing with history part.

Still wondering about why Hitler did what he did to the Hebrews? Psha. I have the answer (but that takes a while to explain, so I will not record it.).

Not entirely sure what story to believe about Anastasia, the Russian Czar's daughter?

Look! It's her! So... Innocent.
Anastasia Romanov

Well, she's dead by the way. She did not try to escape. She was forced to escape. By a Spake. (If you do not know what that is, just sit there and mope or head on over to the blog belonging to Naomi, the big enchilada in our creation of them). The Spake killed her. In private. Thus her bones being so far away from that of her family.

Currently though, I am working on figuring out which gods and goddesses my lovely little Spake personali - uh, characters - have influenced. It is rather amusing. I am learning a lot about them, too, which really helps seeing as how I am hoping to get into their heads (yeah, that's it. Because I will be the one taking over minds. Not the other way around.).

So... here are a few that reminded me of the Ancient Spakes.


It's scary. She looks like Zippy!


War, hunting, mummification, and vengeance are what this Egyptian goddess are in charge of. Guess what. Lovely Zipporah just so happens to be a good representative of them.

The best part is that Sekhmet became calmed by ale. Yup. That's what my little creep does. Freaky.


Responsible For : Motherhood Marriage Love Sexuality Health & Healing Immortality Magic

Beastly Crepes. Could she be more like the Egyptian Zipporah?


Hehe. Heehee. Okay, ahem. Taweret takes on the form of a hippo.


Needless to say, that alone is enough to incite giggles.

But then Solomon (who techinically is not mine) LOVES LOVES LOVES hippos. So, I just had to add this.


So, I can't find much on him momentarily, but he gets the head of a ram. He is here because on Saturday, my darling friend and I were saying that Jedediah was a goat. Amun has the head of a ram!

Or apparently, according to Google, the body of a Penguin.



This would be Jedediah. This Greek god liked to travel, like Jedediah who bothered almost all of the Middle East and Europe with his pretty constant moping. Also, he liked sheep. And Jedediah apparently likes sheep. (Why, though? Sheep are so stupid!)

Whoa. Look at those horns. Dangerous.

Baaaaa. I'm a crazy sheep!

So, yup. Hey, you learned something about the Ancient gods. Whether or not it's useful... Well, you decide.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Untitled (Due to a blocking of wrods to the brain)

I am in school. Obviously, the people in charge do not realize how hard it is to focus on what a+b squared equals when, just moments before, I was happily attacking someone with a sharp knife. So, pretty much, when the teacher asked me what the answer to problem eleven was, and I miraculously answered correctly with "3", I was not talking about what "a" stood for. I meant how many people my wonderful antagonist had killed "today".

Whenever I can, due to this, I am actually writing - not just living in my head.

It's entertaining. The reactions I get, I mean. I guess the writing is, too, but that's another story. A few minutes left in class - left to boredom - and I whip out my handy-dandy notebook and begin writing away. The girl in front of me turns around.

"Whatcha writing?"


"Oh. So schoolwork?"

"Nope." Really? Why would I be passionately bent over my schoolwork, making faces at the non-dialogue happening? "I just like to write.

Then comes a whole conversation about me writing, how someone else loved my poem's I was forced into reading out loud to the class last year, and how I plan on finding someway to write for a living.

The best part? I have two people who claim they will read a book I write. And I know for sure BSmith will.

Which is good. Except my ego needed to be deflated.

So I tried to get my father to read something I wrote.

It worked.

Now, back to writing something that does not happen in this reality.