Monday, February 25, 2013

Follow Up Blog

Last post I ranted about Boyfriends. I had my knickers in a twist over last year's valentine's day Fail. Silly me. (I would just like to say the hormone Cranky was coursing through my system that week.) Or, maybe not so silly me. Here is why.

A week before Valentine's day (the day after my post, heh heh), I announce that my FSM will be my Valentine and we will window shop to show our love for each other. And get rid of currently unused gift cards that need some usage. The Boy gets upset. He wanted to ask me for the day. Two days later *cue big heave of the shoulders* I give in. Smart decision actually as....

February 14th. I get out of work and walk to the familiar beat up car. He emerges, hugs abound (hey, hugs are lovely things.), and then he opens the passenger door and I gasp.

Arranged around my seat are these:

Gummy worms. Possibly one of my all time favorite snack/treat things. Well, anything gummy really. Gummy worms, gummy bears, fruit snacks. All wonderful.
Gummy Worms
In their package. Not running free all over the car.

 Lindt Dark Chocolate. A whole bag of the chocolatey goodness. I loooooovvvveeee this stuff.
 Lindor Truffles, Dark Chocolate

 A pan of brownies. That he made. With chocolate chips. Not just in the brownies but on top and all melty wonderful cause they were fresh and hot and *groan of yummy satisfaction*. With this thing we made up one day out of boredom - a combination of our initials. Really cheesy and stupid/silly, but it was cute.
AW and JF. And yes, we spent time doing this. Not sure how I got involved, but I did.
York Patties in heart shapes in a heart-shaped package. Now, nothing special, except that we used to get York patties whenever we hung out. We'd sneak off and eat that minty goodness and annoy the heck out of people. And that is why they thought we were going out before we actually were. Because of those darn York patties.

A dozen red roses. "For my Rosie" said the little tag/note thing. (Yeah. Rosie. Nickname. The sole nickname I have ever had. Only used by my cousin and him. Weird combination)
 2 Dozen Long Stem Red Roses - VASE INCLUDED

A card that was hilarious for the sole reason that there was a curse-word and he never and I mean never curses. But that's mine to keep. So that's all you guys will know.
And. Last, but certainly not least. The reason why he told me I HAVE to give him my whole day and possibly Friday morning.
Two tickets were sticking out of the glove compartment for....!!!!

Oh. Freaking. Yes.

Aaron Gillispie wasn't at the one we went to =(

BUT Fiction Family was (Sean Watkins reminded me of Sam Gamgee for some reason. I really wanted to ask him if he is secretly a Hobbit. But he was kinda onstage singing while I was, well, NOT.). I love Fiction Family. Love love love. Very unsurprising as Jon Foreman is involved and anything musical he touches is pretty awesome. Not that the band is just him. I'm just saying.

The other bands were great too.

The Lone Bellows were amazing. I bought their CD and got to meet them. The one guy was really sweet and had this adorable Southern accent. When onstage his playing was so intense and his voice was perrrrtttyyy. All their voices were perrrtttyyy though. And the other guy, the Main one, informed me that he had a high school girlfriend with the same name as me. I just nodded and laughed cause um - how does one respond to that??

Now, Now was great too. Warning, though, their voices are sooo much pretty in concert than on the CD.

Anis Mojgani. The Spoken Word dude. I wanted to marry his voice. Ex-cell-ent stuff.

The venue was amazing too. Really small - I was ten feet (tops) from the stage. They had a place to hang coats, which blew me away. And... it was in BOSTON!!!! I got to go out of state to a City and die over the architecture. I will wind up cheating on NYC with Boston. They had these really cool curvy buildings that made me want to go to Boston University just for those.

And. In all that awesomeness, I got nothing for the Boy. I am lame.

Then, I realized. I gave him the gift of reading. The next day I accidentally left a library book in his car. He was waiting for me for an hour (I gots distracted on my way out of class) and picked up the book. I have now created a reading FIEND. He even ignored me to read. A Pride and Prejudice retelling, which made it even better. So now, whenever he sees me he asks for a book. Doesn't matter the genre, he just wants a book.

Being able to share a love of reading definitely counts as a Valentine's Day present. And an every other day present, too.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Boyfriends SHOULD be Good For (But, unfortunately, aren't)

Valentine's Day is around the corner (Okay, not really. I think the librarian I crushed on when I was 13 is around the corner, but that is beside the point). That means LOVE.


If I were a cat, that would be me exactly. But, I'm not a cat. I'm a human. So I don't look absolutely adorable while making that face. And because I am a girl and have a Person I am supposed to look like this:

Hahahaha. No. Never. Not once did I look like that because valentine's day was approaching.

Last year I kinda almost got excited - until my plan got ruined.

The Plan: First year with a Boy Person. Whatever. To be totally anti-valentine's day as per usual, I wanted to break up the day before Valentine's Day and get back together the day after, and thus be single on the day of love. And my FSM (friend soul mate) could totally be my valentine. Or my Mango could be, as that's just how things go down. But No. The Boy had to get all upset at the very idea of breaking up - even for on day.

Plan ruined.

So, obviously he had something planned, right? Nope. He texted me the day before to let me know that he can't hang out (yeah. That was the big maybe plan), there's a concert in the city. He took his brother.

So. In honor of him and that memory....  Even though it took a while to get here....

Things Boyfriends SHOULD be Good for but AREN'T

1.) Making you like Valentine's Day
     If you forgot why I'm saying this, go take a walk with ducks and steal some of their memory. You need it. But, really, for someone who HATES valentine's day, having a boyfriend should at least make it bearable. But, that's what best friends are for. She will call you up and serenade you with your favorite songs and recite poetry to you while your boyfriend is taking his brother to a concert.

2.)Taking you to IHOP when there are free pancakes and you will whack off an old woman and steal her keys just to get those free pancakes
    Oh, yeah, Happy National Pancake Day! On National Pancake Day, there should be a law: Boys, take your girls out. The food is freeeee. But, alas, alack, how few boyfriends actually do this. (okay, maybe most do. I'm assuming right now that everyone has really bad boyfriends. For you who have awesome amazing boyfriends, enjoy your pancakes!)

3.) Romantic Walks in the Snow
   As in, when it is snowing out and if you like snow, he says "Let's go for a walk (preferably in the woods)" and it's all pretty and awesome and like a movie. Instead, you say, "let's go for a walk" and he says "It's cold out" or "I'm hungry" or, even better, "I'm late to meet up with (insert name of the male friend you refer to as his Boyfriend)".

4.) Flowers
    Ha haha hahaha. Yeah. Right. No matter how many times eyebrows are waggled, flowers are never in his hand.

5.) To Read the Guy Perspectives You Write
    Really. I was really excited when we began going out - I finally had a guy to critique Dave's stuff. That was what I needed, he's my Person, it should work, right? Uh, no. So warning girls, guys are stupid and like video games better. Unless you have Mr. Freaking Perfect. In that case, lend him to me, please? Just for a week. For Dave's sake.

6.) Helping you figure out what to wear
    So cliche, but most chicks do try to make guys do this, so I'm putting it up there

7.) Taking you to the Ren Faire
    My boy actually did this, by the way. But most guys roll their eyes at this. So, look for a guy who will go and put up with you squealing over the leather notebooks and ink pens.

8.) Talking Books
    You read a great book, you wanna share it with someone, right? If there is a great love story and you actually like the love triangle, good luck getting your boyfriend to share your delight.

9.) Taking you to see Les Mes
   This may be over a month since the movie came out, but oh well. That's what boyfriend's should do. Instead they complain and make faces and don't understand why you want to listen to people singing for hours. VERY disappointing.

And last but not least in a ridiculous rant against boyfriends that I decided to subject my blog to...

10.) For Understanding Those Days When All You Want To do is Eat and Eat and EAT
    I mean, really, he's a BOYfriend. Boy. As in "I love to stuff my face whenever possible". You'd think they understand those days when food is amazing amazing amazing. Nope.

What his face looks like when I am SUPER hungry (not really, but close)

But, then there are times when school was really stressful and he appears with a bag of chocolate or the milkshake you were craving and ready to kill for and it's all okay.