Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Letter to a Non-existent Being

This is to a character who I have been having... issues with, for, I don't know, a good six months. She has been in a closet (my mind is set up like an old abandoned house with surprisingly stable locks) for the past two months. And so... here it goes.

My apologies (yes, I know I got that from Dave). I now understand why you are so hung up over a certain someone and I should not be mad at you for being your girly self. Even if you tend to be the complete opposite of me, and so having you make comments is rather annoying.
But I can not release you from your confinement in the closet. I am going to change the lightbulb though! Won't that be great?
I can not deal with you being in love with Obadiah right now. Thanks to spending some time with him (for your story! I promise. Don't get mad.) I am now... I get your point. So, I have to get back to merely putting up with his weird behavior before releasing you.
Please feel free to pass me notes through the crack under the door. Or even have Zipporah visit you. Then maybe I won't want to puke with the lovely romance you let ebb through your words.
Well, before I am tempted to let you go on and on about "your" Obadiah (and how you secretly wish Scotch would fall in a well) , I must flee this section of the "house" for the part with weapons and warring wizards.
I hope to free you soon, patient prisoner.

Yup. I just wrote a letter to someone who lives in my head and notebooks. At least she can't kill me...

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Naomi Ruth said...

Oh, you think they can't kill you until they escape and hold a knife to your throat and... ahem... Yeah. I mean, then they sprinkle you with cupcakes and smile faces. Right.