Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lack of flashlight and Knives... good or bad?

After a few months of careful deliberation (ahem...) it is finally happening. The place where my Connector lives, and possibly was killed, gets to have me visit it. This place is creepy yet peaceful and either gives me shivers or makes me stand at the gate convincing myself it is not a good idea to go in by myself. You know, just in case that serial killer I believe hid out there once is still there or an evil faerie decides to drop the ceiling on my head. Not that a faerie would come to America, much less this stupid town.
I love this building and would mention it but I'm sort of not supposed to be going. But my mom gave me permission (I am a goody-two-shoes dork and also know that it is a good idea to let somebody know you plan on being stupid.) and then continued to lecture me about how when she was my age she would visit old deserted houses all the time with her friends and never once asked permission to do so. Yeah... But then, to top it all off, I was told to take my little brother along in case the cops came. See, I would send him in first and then if I was caught I could legitimately say i had to get him. So then i began contemplating my mother's sanity and whether or not she wants ME to become a Connector. oh, that is a creature I made for a book. they were once human and would explain but, ahahaha, I don't trust strangers without faces.
"Researching" this place, I discovered there is a park by the same name right outside of Hong Kong. Thank you Yahoo for your insight. Because, you know, I planned on randomly hopping on a plane to China today.
And... this blog hates me!!!!!


AchingHope said...

You should hop on a plane to Hong Kong. That would be amazing! Well, I'm taking Dave to Egypt so he can jump off pyramids. Tootaloo!

Verification Word Definition: peramen, a pair of men with parmesan

Alden Smith said...
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Alden Smith said...

Stand on the cusp of the paradox of feeling uneasy about doing it which then morphs into a feeling of, yes I will do it, Wait for this feeling to come, then if all is clear and you feel very safe, then Carpe Diem, sieze the day - go! and watch what unfolds with shining eyes and unadulterated imagination.