Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A. (because I don't feel like a title)

Regents week. No... hell week. Supposedly a term for acting. the week before opening night when you run around reciting your lines like a chicken with mad cow disease. I always find that week very nice and easy to slip into. It's like a dream; the ones where my stories come to me and I am not me anymore. That makes me happy.

Then comes this week. Regents week. Sure, I can sleep later. But what does that matter to me? I want to be typing furiously on the computer in a way that makes my parents worry. NOT sitting there like a good little schoolgirl studying the end of wars and such. You know what I what i would like to study?

1) Pre-medieval warfare and the creatures from my world. Nope. Got to study the periodic table trends.

2) ancient Greek clothing choices or I'll just let my characters run free and wild. Bring that up and I have triangles shoved down my throat.

3) My world needs a map because otherwise I will be too confused. I have a map... of Latin America. I'm almost positive there is not a country called Galsha in Latin America

4) Hi Drella! I am thinking of names for... shoot. Stupid Philosophes. (yes, I talk to my characters.)

5) the Workings of a Wizard! I mean, uh, organic molecules or something of that sort.

next week I am locking myself in my room (after spending three days cleaning the disaster) and writing writing writing reading and writing!

Come week of July 1, come!


AchingHope said...

Glad regents is over *shudders* I'm glad I never had to suffer over those.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Wow, I missed your blog a lot! Crazy. I'm catching up now. Obviously.

VW: butfur - the fur on a cat's or dog's behind