Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't Kill People Who annoy you... Characters on the Other Hand...

Last night. All night. Fighting and bickering and disagreeing like nobody's business. I had a headache the size of China. Do you know how hard it is to review for a chem test while characters are having a fight? Incredibly hard!

Luna, for whatever reason, is a complete brat to me. I have no clue what I did, but she insists upon not telling me anything, being in love with stupid Obadiah (who she won't let me call "Bad"), and then bugging me to write her story.

Drell, an already angry, messed-up person, has recently made her presence very known to me and my whole family. Last night, while I was studiously contemplating how far I could chuck my review book and still be able to read it, she began pestering me too.

The sweetheart who hates dark people and the dark person who hates sweethearts decided to battle over which story I should write. Then, with all the nerve they have, after I told them I had review to do, they began arguing over whether I should be doing my chem or not. Luna is getting another scene with Obadiah for backing me with that one. I think Micah is going to die sooner if Drell doesn't knock it off.

My father, lovingly, yelled at me about how important sleep is for school work and that if he ever sees me up until midnight ag - what on earth was I doing shaking my head at him? It was my unbelief that it was already midnight and I had wasted three hours with two stupid characters. I have decided that, unlike siblings, these two can die if they don't stop pestering me.

I sound insane and like I am, in fact, schizophrenic. But according to my mother's good ol' doc, I'm not. Got to love being an actress. Yes, sometimes much more than writing because acting is not having the responsibility of a million stories (okay, only a few at the moment) begging my time.


AchingHope said...

*sigh* Luna. Of course she's mad at you. She just wants to be in love with Obadiah and you won't let her. That would be like not letting me *ahem* I mean, Jacqueline not fall in love with Micaiah.

Jacqueline! What are you doing at the computer?!

Whoops! Gotta' go. Be nice to Luna.

I'm going to kill you, you misshapen lump of the imagination!

*Jacquline begins cawing like a bird and I shake my head in disbelief*

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

I'm kind of afraid now.

VW: isubbito - Eating a small sub sandwich?