Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Tents of GAW! Mwahaha!

Okay, do not tell me the Tents of Gaw does not sound menacing or like it belongs in some fantasy novel. The Tents of GAW, a little celebration the neighboring town hosted, were very beneficial to me. There were tents (if you did not figure this out go find an emu, squawk at it, then stuff a whole apple pie in its mouth. have fun running! Ahem...) and a large quantity of them were super cool and had... wait for it... rocks!

Yes. Rocks. Aren't I a loser. Actually, I am a loser writer, thank you very much. I practically attacked those poor people in my search for Amethysts and something from Onyx. There was this really pretty onyx ring. And it looked very scary at the same time. My lovely friend (I am actually not being sarcastic) had to drag me away as I pouted, due to my status as a poor little girl who was at a five dollar loss. Finally, I found this little tent with rocks and rocks and rock jewelry and had a blast.

Some lovely person asked what amethyst means. It's the stone of royalty. I let out a little squeal of happiness and began jumping around. Jedediah told this story I made up about amethysts and it fit perfectly! Then I asked what onyx meant, as I have Cleodentri (who is fully aware she sounds like a cat with clean teeth and a pet tree) wear onyx so she doesn't eat people. It means strength and a bunch of other things that I could associate with my use of the rock. I was so happy!

I got a pair of onyx earrings and, being the dork I am, have not taken them out of my ears except to shower. They are nice and do not stab me. =].

My Dork moment:

Ohmydearmuffins! Look it's Egyptian. haha. I am totally not a dor - Oh! *pounces on thing* It's the secret symbol of Solomon! Hippos!

Sam: How many times are you going to completely contradict yourself?

me: I don't know. Amethyst! Look! A knife!

Sam: *Shakes head and laughs* You are so lucky I love you or I would call a big man with a net.

That was not at all random. What are you talking about?


Falen (Sarah) said...

oooh amethyst is my birthstone!
February FTW!

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...


That is all.

And you write pretty much EXACTLY as you talk.


AchingHope said...

Now I want an amethyst necklace to hang from my belt loop.



Plus the tents of GAW do sound menacing *nods*