Friday, July 30, 2010

Zombies - and a pretty darn awesome blogger

So, thanks to two people (Er... I don't know if I can put their real names. But, they are writing sisters!) I always have an amazing time with, over the course of a day, I had two revolutionary things happen.

1) I was introduced to a quirky blog that makes me smile and deals with writing. And zombies. Aren't combinations like those the best? My Literary Jam and Toast. That's the blog. The one I will read in a short while and enjoy.

2) I helped make a video for a contest. First contest I have allowed myself to participate in since sixth grade. I am a little older by now. OH! and guess what! It is being held by that amazing person - Mia. I don't actually know the last name because i am a horrible person. (You should be able to tell that by my lack of proper capitalization due to laziness when typing.) My apologies.

See! That's it. And apparently, my attempt to blog about it until the cows come home. Yeeeaaaahhh. Epic. Fail.

Hopefully, I shall be able to put up the video (computers and technology HATE my writing guts) and I will be on time (time and a certain person are out to get me. Both are against my reading blogs - especially with zombies - and my writing. Thankfully, I have ways of tying them up and dropping them in wells =]).

Oh, look. It is making me do it separately. Fools.

But... there is the writing part. Heh. And My apologies to her to not being able to promote it. I hang my head in shame and wish upon a magic star I had the internet more readily available and time on my side. But, Alas! I do not. What I do have is a knack for stringing words together. Though, the attempt will reek. So, my dear contest judge and lover of zombies, here is my attempt...

I escaped from the clutches of the Wicked Witch. My freedom was costly and it took much courage. Ok. Fine. I didn't escape. Dorothy came trotting along with her little friends and anyone who read her story knows how it goes. Anyway, the point is, I am no longer under her control.

Which is bad. Being a flying monkey, I am curious and have the ability to fly. Great combination. See, that wonderful mix caused me to find a way out of my world and into a world with strange creatures called vampires.

A strange old man told me I had entered the "Twilight Zone" and then laughed. Apparently, he had made a joke. My non-laughing response was to eat a flea that was climbing up his nose.

So, these "vampires" eat blood. Or drink it - whatever! Humans have been scared of them for a long time. I was a little scared too. Being a monkey, I was able to talk to the creatures roaming the forest I was in, and talked to a little kitten. The thing was decrepit looking and smelled something awful like dead flesh. But, this odd little creature, was my link to the vampires. From him I learned what they were.

I was shaking in my little boots (Sigh. Yes, boots. I had to wear them while being a slave and got used to them. Okay?) as we walked through the shadowy forest. Talk about a horrible time. Well, then the little kitten, Kitty (of all the obvious things to name a creature), gave a little snarl. I turned to look, curious as ever and saw a man.

Not really, I found out. "Vampire!" My little companion gasped. Sure enough, it was pale and looked like a bowl of limp noodles. Then, it stepped out into a patch of sunlight. I nearly died of laughter. He was sparkling! I was scared of a thing that sparkled! Oh, the fun of it.

Little Kitty went running towards him, his mangled tail up in the air. "Sparkles..." He whispered, enchanted. Of all the things I have ever seen, this was one of the weirdest ones. A kitten, whispering in scared tones about how deadly vampires are only minutes before, was calmly staring as if under a spell at this blood-sucking, sparkling man.

Wondering what was up with Kitty, but not wanting to have my blood sucked, I went looking for the nearest willow tree. Those trees are the easiest to hide under, with their long, dangling branches. I wanted to hide. I found one, by a beautiful little pond, and curled up in some lower branches.

So, here I am, hoping that sparkling thing does not find me and I can find a way out of this world. This strange, strange world with vampires and falling apart kittens who love to stare at the sparkling death-bringers. Oh why was I ever freed? If I had never been, this Flying Monkey would be happily at home, nice and snug and secure. Not huddled in a willow tree.


Mia said...


The judge girl woman thing says that she <3's you.

Mia said...

Also *blushes* you're so LOVELY I just want to hug you...


SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Yeah! And you can use our real names. But we will not use yours without permission :D

This story was absolutely hilarious by the way. hahahahahahahaha! yeah for entering contests and meeting new bloggy friends!

And my VW is yopljzgc. I would like to see you use that in a sentence :)

AchingHope said...

Ah, this was fantastic. So much fun.