Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Years Later...

I am too lazy to start a new one. And wanted to have one now that I finally have access to a computer every day. Something I abuse on a regular basis. (Thank you Pinterest for sucking up hours upon hours of my time). So I am simply taking this one back up. (Although, maybe I am no longer that Mindless Innocent...)

First thing first - my writing. Ha. Fail. Joke.

Well, the past year was anyway. I have written only fragments of anything. Unless an essay, research paper, legal briefing, and hundreds of letters to one (very real) person count. The year before though was a beautiful one. I steadily worked on a story every day for two months. Didn't get very far, but it taught me a few lessons here and there. I figured out a bunch of things concerning Galsha, especially "religion" wise. That was a fantastic journey. Then - this was my shining moment - I finished a story. Oh yes, wrote every single little bit of it from start to finish and strung it all together and named it and every character within its words. In only two months.

Most of it was crap.

 My friend loved it (probably because she was practically the father of the thing, staying up late most nights to help me "feed" the "baby" and giving me encouragement whenever I needed it). Her mother thought she had officially lost it when she began squealing in excitement and jumping up as if she had won the lottery when I read her the last sentence. 

Which meant I had to look it over myself. Shadow People was a TOTAL wreck. But, hey, I completed something which was more than I could I could say for any other tale I was working on.

I began revising the thing in the beginning of the summer and am still daunted by the prospect.

Yet, I still plan on completing my other projects and scaring myself even more. At some point or another.

In other news... I have turned into a mushy mess of a hopeless romantic.

It's awful.

The last few books I read had me in tears. I now want to watch romantic flicks. Luna no longer annoys me. Not that she is around much any more to annoy me, but if she were we would get along splendidly. Well, as long as I wasn't mad at a certain boy person.

And... and... I am going to be setting out to write a full-blown romance. The way I think they should be done. With plenty of verbal and non-verbal smack-downs, plot twists, friendship, a ridiculous best friend, and no sex. Unless it's ridiculous best friend Number Two making some obnoxious comment.

Well, I am off to eat some pasta, paint some wood, and read a book.

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