Tuesday, November 13, 2012

People Suck abut Anberlin is Amazing

People Suck. Absolutely positively suck. They enrage me and cause parts of me that really enjoy weapons to flare up and wish the peace-loving part of me weren't so strong outside of my house.

Happy, I know. But people just keep on failing and keep on giving me reason to dislike them and want to incinerate them on the spot and then bring them back to life because I would rather not have guilt eating me up all my life. They ruin everything! Not just lines in the grocery store or movies that could be good or my drive home from work. Nope. That was too easy. Now, they have to find new inventive ways of ruining my concert experience.

I'm used to the typical Concert Jerks. You know, those people who believe that even though they are five times your height they need to push past you to stand in front of you? Or the drunk people who smell so strongly of alcohol it feels as if you are the drunk one? But the people I had to deal with really brought out that secret psycho killer in me.

I am all for Dancing at concerts. The jumping up and down and fist pumping (Okay, maybe that's not dancing, but it's the closest thing for most people at a rock concert). Some swaying. Maybe even hip movement. But when the dancing takes over twenty feet and involves insane groping, tongues flashing everywhere, and pelvis interaction that normally makes babies - I now want to see you thrown out.

And it wasn't just a single person, or even a person and their Person. Nope. It was a whole group of ridiculous people who seriously need to learn the difference between their bedroom and a concert.

I should have known to run and hide when I first looked over. She was wearing tighter-than-skin pants with a tighter-than-skin shirt that covered very little of her feminine charm. And there was a guy slung around her hips. I decided not to be judgmental.

Ten minutes later the group is next to us. And now two guys are hanging on her. I turn to say something to The Boy and holy bits and pieces! There is a hand down her shirt. Does anyone else find this awkward or is it just me?

By the time the main band came on, I was trying not to puke as the group, now directly in front of us, began trying to have sex. Then more joined. Lovely!! And then were moving back, to allow for the space needed to do... stuff. Within five minutes, all because of this "dancing", we had gone from within reaching distance of the stage to so far back I could hear myself singing along to the songs. And the wonderful sight of pelvis thrusting and moaning and groping and stuff I try to avoid was still right there.

Until I decided, what is ten feet anyway? And went back even further.

But, outside of that, the concert was amazing. The first two bands - unknowns with really attractive members and amazing vocals - were good. I later bought their CD and got made fun of for being "adorable" when asking them to sign. And the headliner - Anberlin - was amazing. This wasn't the first time I got to see them live, hopefully not the last, but I was still amazed. Especially because I'm not the biggest fan of their newest album, Vital, but the songs were up to par live.

To anyone who is a fan of Anberlin  - seeing them live is totally worth it.

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