Sunday, October 13, 2013

Birthday Wishes... B

This is a tad late. As, well, life has a way of pushing me away from all things I plan on doing. I do believe I made people aware of that at some point. Anyway, so here is the much too late "B" post...

My birthday happened. Or didn't happened. Or happened as I tried to pretend that it is not in existence and holy whoa, I am not actually this stupid defunct age of 19. But, I am now throwing around defunct like it is a frisbee, so, it's not half-bad.

When it comes to birthdays, at some point, someone, usually, asks what one wants for his/her birthday. There are normal people answers (not that I can tell you what they are, as I avoid normal people.). Then there are my answers. I'm not sure why my mother even bothers asking me such questions because I have always given such answers.

So, here is my birthday wish-list:

1. A ship. Pirate-y, Viking, Egyptian - whatever. Something sure to bring about epic times as I sail the world and try to conquer my fear of the water. A ship stocked with a crew would be even nicer as I can barely manage to row a rowboat (as I discovered yesterday), much less work a whole amazing ship.

2. The ability to pause time so that I can read and write. Apparently I don['t know anyone who can grant these kinds of wishes, which is upsetting as I really need this to be able to write while at a concert.

3. Switchfoot in a jar. More specifically, Tim Foreman in a jar. (I am allowed to Fangirl sometimes)

4. A sword ('Nuff said).

5. A new cat. Preferably a little calico kitty that likes cuddling with me.

6. Kevin to exist. He is one of my characters and the fact that he is not in this reality is heart-breaking. I want to non-marry him and have a wonderful life of adventures. (Shhh... Don't tell whomever I am romantically linked with this. I don't think me pining after a "non-existent" being would go over to well with  most people...)

7. to become a wizard. More Gandalf than Harry Potter.

8. A cape with matching hat and boots.

9. A cloak and Elf-ish boots. Also a handy bow and full quiver set to go with.

10. A camera. A real-live working camera. I have never owned one of these things and have been pining away with camera-envy for years now.

And... That's about it. Really lame post, but oh wells.

6 Wishing Wells in 4 different syles.

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