Wednesday, October 23, 2013

D....d...d... Dreamsssss!!!

Not sure why that is just so dang exciting, but it is. I think.

Why a post on dreams? Why not dirges or death or despair or destruction, or combine all of them and do dragons? Outside of the fact that I don't want to seem to absurdly morbid, I was at a friend's house drinking tea and eating some blueberry danishes (No lie. I felt slightly British), I mentioned that I have a blog and before I could get to whatever point I was trying to make (assuming I had a point), she perked up and began firing questions at me. Then helped me brainstorm non-morbid "D" words when I said "D" was up next. Her list: dating, dreaming, dancing, delight, daring, Denmark, and distance.

So, I changed a verb into a noun and, viola! Dreams.

There are, apparently, people who don't have dreams. I want to say that they are very unfortunate people, but then I remember just how weird my dreams are and how frazzled they can make me that I begin to consider that they are the lucky ones. They never have to face the possibility of having a nightmare or the disorientation caused by not being sure whether a memory is dream or something that actually happened. And that "What the frack?!" feeling is something they will never wake up to.

That feeling you have after seeing this, that's how waking up from one of my dreams feels
I can't begin to count how many times I woke up with that feeling. Generally followed by staring at my wall trying to figure out if anything in that dream made any sense. Why was my best friend's brother who never danced begging me to dance to "Thriller" with me? Why did my friend suddenly have a six-pack, and was protecting me from her were-wolf brother? What the heck with me not being me and shooting some random guy at a funeral? And the waking up with "Oh good. That was just a dream" when I thought I was forever imprisoned in Victorian era clothes. Sure, those dreams can be kind of fun, but I'm pretty sure I could have lived without ever dancing to Michael Jackson or killing someone.

But, as a writer, dreams are priceless. They are the inspiration and motivation to actually write whatever story is in my head. Because I can only remember my dreams for so long, I have a limited amount of time to write them down. So I have to write. Then I go into a fury of typing fingers and glares at interrupting family members because ohmyword, I am loving what this is turning into.

(After not really looking at the sloth and just having it sit there in my peripheral vision, I am beginning to be freaked out. So warning: DO NOT LOOK AT THE SLOTH FOR TOO LONG).

look at the cute little puppy that won't turn dreams into nightmares

Interesting fact about dreams: Studies show that the ability to dream/recall dreams is linked to a person's political party. In general, as with most things.

Yes, apparently you can make an educated guess about a person's political standing based on their dreams, or lack thereof.

Honestly, this makes sense. Who tends to be more artistic and creative? Liberals (or people like my friends and I who are sitting there kicking are feet refusing to identify with any political party because they are all idiots). Aren't dreams seen as a somewhat creative thing?

For the conservatives who do dream, they get stuck with mundane ones that make sense. They probably dream about a lovely little neat romance or a day at the office and everything is orderly and linear and there is no world hopping (those are the people to pity. Never getting to spend the day in Narnia with Aragorn or climb all over Lothlorien's trees with Edmund... it's a shame) or labyrinth tackling or falling in love with the devil. Instead it's the liberals who get to experience the fun, and scary, side of dreams.

I do know conservatives who have insane dreams, by the way. Not quite as bizarre as mine, but up there.

No. I retract that statement. Having people change faces and three people rotate bodies and our pastor try to kill him for talking about God was pretty bizarre.

Do you dream? Are those dreams bizarre and mind-blowing-upping or the kind that are just there? What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

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