Friday, November 8, 2013


I'm going with the lamer definition of this word that simply means a realization. Not one like, oh yeah, I always feel sick after pasta, but more like... well, you'll see.

I think. A lot. More than is probably good for me. I think about cheese. I think about time. I think about books and writing. And I think about things I'm not really sure too many other people think about on a regular basis. This leads to a whirlwind of words and thoughts and twisters of ideas that never stop with their motion but keep going going going
and sometimes it drives me crazy.

But sometimes I have epiphanies. Or, what is equal to an epiphany for me. Something that I kind of want to begin running around and telling everyone because ohmyword, how did no one think of this sooner?? (Or just how did I not think of this sooner)

So, I figured, I'll share some of those epiphanies floating around my head with you. No matter how lame and just simple realizations of epiphanies they are. 

1. I'm not normal.  

Hold on there. Hasn't this been affirmed time after time and aren't I already well aware of this and have been since I began to interact with humans? Well, yes.

This in itself is nothing new. But coupled with regular social and psychology and other stuff from my psych and human sexuality classes, I am so far away from normal I might not even be human.

List a bunch of normal social conventions and how normal people go about their lives and, well, I don't usually follow those definitions. Stick me in social settings, I don't work like normal people.

For example, in Psych we went over this story: A woman's husband works twelve hours every night and is tired when he gets home. His wife feels lonely and longs for companionship. Because of this she takes a ferry every night to the city across the river to see her lovers. She never becomes too intimate with them, leaving one and moving on to another anytime intimacy is beginning to go too far. One night she gets into a spat with a lover. She leaves in a hurry. When she gets to the ferry she realizes that she has forgotten her wallet back at her lover's house. She begs the Captain to take her on anyway, promising she will pay the next day. He feels for her, but rules are rules, her can't give anyone exceptions. The time is getting closer and closer to when she must return home. She returns to her lover's house, asking him to give her her wallet back. He refuses. Desperate, she visits an old lover and asks to borrow enough to cover her fare. He refuses. She must leave now if she is to return home. The only option besides the ferry is an old bridge that doesn't have the best reputation. With no other option available, she decides to take her chances. As she crosses the bridge, a highwayman rapes, robs, and murders her.
Who is the most responsible for her death?
 Are you thinking the woman? If she hadn't been cheating, she wouldn't be dead. 
If you are, the rest of my class agreed with you. 
I did not. Say she had gone to the store to pick up some things for her husband and had lost her wallet in a store and winded up dead. Different situation, but same ending. It was the highwayman's fault. 

Anyway, that was just the latest in a list of ways I differ from most people. 

2. Those girls in books who think they aren't attractive yet every guy they cross paths with wants to date them? They exist

I can't roll my eyes at those books and threaten to throw them across the room. No matter how ridiculous it sounds or seems or whatever. 

I was calling this the Bella Swan Syndrome. You know, two guys fighting over her, nothing that obviously special about her but every guy tripping over themselves trying to get her attention and complimenting her fiercely. Ridiculous. Stupid. Annoying. Dear God, authors what is wrong with you!

I think they were all watching my life. I'm shy. I'm pretty plain looking (pretty, I guess, but plain looking). I am awkward and clumsy and don't normally have much of a social life. 

I met two guys yesterday and got asked out by both of them and was laughing hysterically at the weird things they were saying ("You like fedoras and have two of them? That is the sexiest thing I have ever heard a girl say. Marry me." <-- a="" accidentally="" and="" asked="" both="" did="" find="" friends="" get="" go="" have="" home="" i--="" i="" into="" just="" kid="" make="" me="" movie="" not.="" see="" separately="" the="" them="" then="" things="" to="" twilight="" two="" walk="" with="" worse="" you="" zone="">

This is after my two best male friends both liked me (as I dated one of them). 

So, hey, Bella Swans do exist!

And it sucks. (Of course, I am hoping that I am right and they mean as just friends, but Life has proven that whenever I think friends a male thinks Iwanttodateyou)

This picture. Is huge.

3. Sometimes that cute guy you find really interesting turns out to be a professor. With a son your age. 

Thank you life for those awkward moments. 

4. It's nearly impossible to ridicule Buddhism.

Someone had made fun of atheism in an inaccurate summation of what they believe and then I began thinking about how easy it is to make fun of Christianity (the hole "take of My flesh and blood" thing) and Islam and Hindu and animism and so many things people believe can be boiled down to sound completely moronic. Except Buddhism. I couldn't think of anything at all to make it sound stupid. In fact, I kinda winded up making it sounds really really cool.

So, Buddhists, take pride in that!

5. (This happened this moment) When I start a blog post, I know exactly what I want to say and have these epic lists, but by the time I'm done with subject #2, everything flew away. 

I swear, I'm secretly a mother, the way my mind does stuff like that.

Anddddddd..... I'm just going to go away now and stop ruining stuff like this.




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