Friday, June 27, 2014

10 Year old Me's Awesome Writing Skills

I am trying to figure out how to put everything in my room again since I finally have time to put my room back together after it didn't exist for a while (okay, it did exist, but in a not-so-great form). This means lots of organizing and going through things. This means finding lots of gems from when I was little.

Like... this!

Since you probably can't read the words (they decided they are camera shy. Or something like that):

(In my perfect 5th grade cursive)
The Apple

I see the Apple so green
it smells so fresh and sweet
Smooth and bumpy and hard it feels
The apple is juicy and sour but sweet
I hear the crunch as I chew
That is the apple

Autumn Williams

I like this one because it sounds like something I would write now. Well, if you say it slightly sarcastically and with an expressionless face. Also, this apple is full of contradictions. I think it's actually about life. It's probably a poison apple. 


Again, the writing got camera shy. 

Autumn Williams
studious, bookworm
reading, cycling, shopping
brownie-blonde hair, blue eyes
talking, listening, watching,
animal lover, kind
Autumn Williams

I have no idea where the "cycling, shopping" part came from. I mean, the cycling maybe. When I was 10 my friends and I practically lived on our bikes. But the shopping? I shopped once a year, right before school, and at consignment shops. That is, if someone hadn't been kind enough to give us a bunch of hand-me-downs from their now teenage daughter. So maybe I wanted to shop?? 

Brownie blonde hair is a color? At least that is consistent with the fact that I call my hair color drunken brunette, so I guess I never knew how to describe my hair so making up new colors is a thing for me. 

And, egads, I forgot I used to be an animal lover *shudders*.

And the final one, with a fun (creepy, inaccurate) drawing to go along with it:

10502516_10201996540107288_3033694665566652524_n.jpg (480×640)

So, my hair was basically a chocolate cat. Cool. 

Also, that outfit is an outfit I loved when I was ten. And I mean loved. I wore it all the time. 

I promise you all, my handwriting has improved and, for the most part, so has my drawing skills. 

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