Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December is here!


Three weeks until Christmas is here. I have three weeks left to stress out about presents and money and finding the thing I need to get my license that way I can drive the car I found (only 400 bucks. If we didn't know the person who owns it, it would be 1600.) to the college I have applied to.

But, to take the stress down, I only have five books left before I hit the 100 mark for this year. My goal had been 75. So this makes me very happy and gives me some happiness in all the wonderful stress accompanying me everywhere. And I mean it when I say everywhere. I used to destress during showers. Oh no! Not anymore! Now I am fretting over what to say to whom about various things and what to do about what and buy this for this person and crap, I get paid twice this month and the one paycheck goes entirely to a car - ALL I WANT IS TO LAY IN BED AND READDDDDD!!!

Then my laptop broke.

Which was entirely my fault. I kinda might have forgotten it was open when I tackled someone and then in the process tackled the laptop and now the screen is really cool looking but entirely useless. Like the cookie I burned the other day that looked like Maine.

 I had been using it (the laptop, not the cookie) to keep track of the many books I have out from the library and so when it broke and I couldn't, I freaked out. Even more so once I discovered that all the library receipts had disappeared. And... and... the car broke down. So the books due that day couldn't be returned. I really really needed to be able to just sit down and read. Or write. But people wouldn't let me read and none of my characters would cooperate.

Thankfully, I have my job to go to every morning.

I know. Le gasp. I like my job. Actually, I don't like it. I LOVE it. I get to play with little kids and get paid for it. And now that it's the Holiday season, I get to have fun singing Christmas songs with them and painting their hands to make little Manorrahs... Menorahs... Yeah... And we make holiday themed foods (like latkas. i love latkas). It's fantastic.

So between that, the books I smuggle in (while on dates and every time I am being driven somewhere -besides insane), and being able to belt out Christmas songs at the top of my lungs, I can handle the stress. Well, no. That's a lie. The whole presents thing haunts me, but, that's fine. It's the only way I will be able to chip away at the list of people to buy/make stuff for anyway.

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