Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Am Stranded

Christmas came! And passed. Much too quickly. I'm somewhat upset about not being able to go around singing Christmas Carols at the top of my lungs without getting strange looks from people. But it is rather nice to not feel guilty about listening to music that is not Christmas themed. So I am pulling out my favorite bands again. Dr. Dog, Cold War Kids, Anberlin, Switchfoot - it's fantastic. And, at the moment, binging on folk music.

But, as happy as that makes me, I want to go home. See, the thing is, I'm stranded. Stuck might be more accurate a word, but Oh Well. Half way through Christmas day (while I was in the process of writing down all of the publishers belonging to my books), The Boy showed up to take me to his house. We winded up playing Scattegories and Apples to Apples until one in the morning. Which meant that my ride home was mucho tired and I got to stay the night. Cool, okay, I can crash here.

Then, today, it begins snowing while he was at work. I had stayed so that he could take me out shopping for something after work. Now, we live an hour away from each other, so, when snow began coming down, and his parents who used to live in a snowless Florida began freaking out... I was doomed to stay. So here I am, wanting to go home and paint.

So instead I blog. Brilliant, I know. But since I was on the computer playing on Youtube anyway, I figured, why not.

This is what I am listening to, by the way. Good stuff. But not the song I was looking for. Merrrrrr.......

You know, I could be productive and write something. Or read the book sitting in my bag that I NEED to finish. But wait, BAHAHAHA. Me? Do something productive? Nahhhhh. That's silly. (Remember, I like to procrastinate.Being productive is as likely to happen as me having musical ability is. Possible, but not too probable)

I just realized, I am the only girl in this house. Besides the mom. Three boys. No wonder I feel like I'm going slightly insane. Too much testosterone. Which is not sexist by the way. Too much estrogen makes me really tired and worn out.Video games and angry games of Monopoly and really weird singing... Yeah. Not stuff I am that used to. For various reasons, but still. It's getting to me.

The snow is really pretty though!! I want to go out and play in it! One problem though. I came here wearing fake Toms shoes, so I might as well go out barefoot. Lovely. We tried to solve the lack of snow stuff problem with fun results. The one Bro, I fit in his jeans.

Nothing too special, right? He is probably a foot taller than me and not exactly fat. I'm short and my love of food shows. But, buuuutttttt.... His pants fit me. Perfectly. It's wonderful! My own pants are so much long -

Bro #2 is singing Hannah Montana. And Dancing. This is hilarious, guys. I wish I could show you. He even has a hairbrush.

I think I will now be social and stop talking to people that, well, I can't see. Not even sure you are actually reading this. And if you actually are Hello =) But, goodbye! I'm off!

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Naomi Ruth Thompson said...

while I was in the process of writing down all of the publishers belonging to my books

This makes me so proud. <3