Tuesday, December 18, 2012

With a Week 'Til Christmas


Christmas is in a week. I have yet to get most people gifts. This also includes obtaining the necessary supplies to make people things. As I am finding that I can spend twenty minutes painting something, spend a total of five bucks (at most) and viola! the perfect present. Problem is, I have no money (I kid you not. I have absolutely NO money) until Friday. Friday, I have my sister's birthday party. Then Saturday I have a trip to the City. Sunday I have something. I forget what, but you don't plan on stalking me, so it matters not. I pretty much have Monday and Christmas Eve left to shop and make stuff.


I really don't care that much by the way. I now have an excuse to lock myself in my room blasting Christmas music and getting paint EVERYWHERE. 

Like this!

 Except I am female and a bit older... So it looks even more ridiculous and is probably ten times harder to clean up. Ask my bathroom sink, which is now stained this ridiculous pink. And my cat, who is now spotted green on her paw. 

I love painting. I love mixing colors and playing with textures and having little dots all over my hands and my pants. I love creating things. I love watching how the same colors put together can give off a dark mood, then I use them again and they are all hopeful and happy.  I love the feeling of having accomplished something that I poured part of myself into. 

Wait. Wait a minute. This sounds... Kinda like... writing... Hmmm.... (Why am I overusing the wonderful ellipses?)

Funny. Since I am writing again. When I should be doing other things. 

Such as:
1.) Calling the DMV that way I can drive my car. (Oh, yeah, I have a car! It's white and has a tiny crack in the windshield. And has an automatic seat that creeps me out and makes me squeal. There are dents all over. Basically, I love it!)
2.) Taking a trip to my high school that way I can send my transcript to my college and maybe, I don't know, attend classes!
3.) Sew the bag I'm making for my sister's birthday. Which is, heh heh, tomorrow.
4.) Do my laundry - I'm in serious need of socks and underwear. Things I can't wear for five days in a row.
5.) Clean my room. A tornado did not hit it, so I shouldn't confuse people. 

Actually, I should probably end my babbling now so that I can get at least one of those things accomplished. Maybe. If not, I can do it tomorrow, right? =)

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Naomi Ruth Thompson said...

<3 I missed your writingness.