Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ramble Ramble Ramble

I have officially made it through three days of classes. And I might have gotten asked out too, but, seeing as how I am socially illiterate, I'm not sure. And it only occurred to me after I said bye to the dude that Whoa, I think he just asked me out. And I said that, yes, we could totally catch a movie sometime. And wait, I have a Boy, who I don't think is a fan of polygamy. Especially if his girlfriend would be the one practicing it. And, well, I don't really like the guy like that. 

Which is funny since he is way more like how I imagined the perfect guy to be than The Boy is. If I made a chart of ways they compare, The Dude would seemingly beat out The Boy. 


In truth The Boy wins.

Anyway. I'm not sure what the anyway is. But, when working with little kids (or even just babysitting them), be prepared to hear every time there is pen on your hand, especially red pen, "What is on your hand?" Or, in the case of the red pen, "Are you hurt?" Unless that's just me.   


According to Google Images, those scarves are "Good Stuff". They are Sushi and Eggs & Bacon scarves. Foods that I am not a fan of, but in scarf form, I approve.

Don't look up "Cool Beans". Just don't. Cause Google is stupid and people are stupid and Google doesn't realize what is nudity. Have the filter on, but whoa, naked peoples. Not fun.

Oh. Wait. I'm supposed to be looking up stuff for English. Not staring at awesomely funky scarves and wanting to make some candy sushi - the only kind of sushi I will eat. But there's no food in the library and I have not money to go looking for some at any place selling food that is within walking distance. I guess that I should just concentrate on my work. Listen to the darn recordings about people's lives. But, but, I want candy sushi. And to waste my time on a totally stupid blog post. The whole point of which is to put off listening to those darn recordings.

Oh Well  Homework it is. *walks away muttering to self about the stupidity of life and a sad lack of funky scarves*

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