Tuesday, May 4, 2010

criminalistic should so be a word

Writing an essay I tried to describe an action as criminalistic. The computer has since been jumping down my throat screaming with its read squiggly line that reminds me of a psychopath near a cheek holding a knife, "You're an idiot! It's not a word! Loser!" Well, goshdarnit! it should be a word. I would love that to pieces and bake cookies for the dictionary that published it. I would be using a lot of flour then.

I still need to figure out why this site hates me and won't let me do anything!


AchingHope said...


Well, when the computer is done jumping down your throat you can bake me cookies instead ;P

ElvishVampireHobbit94 said...

Hmm... I shall attack you randomly and be like "eat my cookies" then run away to someone's car as... well, you know