Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Writer's Block is listed as a Disease in my Medical Book

I closed my eyes tight and let my imagination take on the oddness it does every time I am bored in the class I am forced to take at seven thirty in the morning. Nothing was coming. Nothing. All I could come up with was the amount of calories in my yogurt and the likely number in my muffin. I have gym today. That means walking. I hope we don't go outside in the rain.
I forced my eyes open, scared that my imagination had finally vanished. That would mean no more turning to stone as I try to drift off to sleep because I heard a bump that could be a serial killer climbing up the side of my house. But... that would also mean no more Luna and feeling as if I am being transported to an alternate reality when I take a walk in my woods. It would mean a permanent writer's block outside of essays and no more making Mrs. Panzer laugh with the absurd comparisons I come up with. Could my spirit remain the same if my imagination disappeared.

I open my eyes and take a look around. Not even a hint of Fae here in this boring, white room. Why am I not relating Santo to some insane teacher Sage has to put up with. Oh no! i know what she is saying. Am I really paying attent... the answer is 6. that was simple. I never think math is simple! Help!
I spent the last minutes of class fretting about what I would do if this turned into a permanent problem. How would I survive.

Songwriting came and Spanish went. So did a few other classes and the whole of my day that forces learning upon me. I began freaking out; hyperventilating when the only thing that would run through my mind during satire was ninjas. I needed to be creative, actually needed to be, and here my mind was being stupid and blocked. I looked at my friend and solemnly let him know my mind was shutting down and I was going to cry tonight if it didn't restart. He laughed and said he loved my humor. ha. Ha. I am so hilarious. (He randomly just appeared over my shoulder and informed me that I did indeed appear to have a really bad case and that it was highly amusing to watch me. Yeah... i was sort of killing the cap of my pen and shaking my fist at the talent vampire sitting on my shoulder)
Then, walking in the dreary rain to make my way to the building designated for books and me, I felt the wind breathe on my neck. I spun around expecting to see Cedric. I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized it was only that invisible force aforementioned. No geeky vampire was getting me today. I was safe. But,wait a minute. How was Izzy doing then? Does Jackson ever make it back to her? What does she do with a vampire and this guy with amazing eyes? Holy dear! Why on earth is jack proposing to Sage...?
I had to hold myself down to keep from jumping up and down screaming "It's back!!!" what a relief. And then, that little dark part of my imagination that enjoys the shadows and such, well, he jumped on me and put people behind the bushes. Too happy to be bothered by him, I laughed and waved to the people lying in wait.
Banana nut muffins, do I scare myself at times.


AchingHope said...

Ah man, that would be ABSOLUTELAY TERRIFYING! A world without crazy imaginations... *shudders*

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

No imagination?! Perish the thought. That thought needs to be pushed down a well.