Monday, May 5, 2014

Style Sunday!

Helloooo everyone (whomever that may be)!!

I am super late and shall have this done before Monday comes but I am here! With Style Sunday!

And obviously having way too much fun with exclamation marks but I am tired and slightly energized mentally. It's an odd combination.

So, these outfits are from the past two weeks, whenever I had someone to actually take a picture of me wearing clothes. Wait. Not that I have people take pictures of me not wearing clothes. I meant that people don't normally take pictures of me so asking people to take pictures of me for the purpose of clothing was very strange. Like armadillo sipping orange soda in my closet strange.

The first one

This picture is weird, but I asked The Boy Person to take pictures and every other one he took winded up being when he was asking me to make weird face and do weird things (like pout and snarl and be a monster). So while this isn't the best shot and there is a car in the background...

I wore this hiking. It was a sort of chilly day and I wanted to look kind of nice since this was before church.

This sweater is one of my favorites. Mainly because I saw it and that is exactly the sweater a character of mine wears. It's basically her trademark piece.

My sneakers matched, by the way. Just in case you care.

Don't ask me what's up with the lighting. My phone's camera can be weird.

That is my all time, favorite flannel. I wore it to school. Maybe. Not sure.

I just love wearing it. It is huge and engulfs me and likes to hide any shape I have when I button it up.

Sometimes I wear it with leggings and I feel like I'm from the 90's. But with jeans I just feel super comfy and like I want to drink tea and write all day.

So, this is only a partial of an outfit I loved.

Yes, I know I look slightly alien-esque. It might be the make up, which I never wear. I only wore make up, actually, because I had make up from my show the previous night left over on my face that wouldn't come off, so I just fixed it up a little.

Anyway. That is my favorite hat. It is straw and brown and has peacock feathers and is wonderful.

Then underneath it is a cozy brown sweater I love sinking into.

What you can't see is the pair of shorts, black knee-high socks, and my purple converse. The whole outfit was very Scotch-like.

I wore this to a book sale, walking around a little town, and to a youth group.

 I wore a belt with this dress. Which was weird. Because belts around my waist rarely happen. But when I bought this dress I had a skinny belt on and decided to try it with the dress and loved it.

The dress and sweater I both bought at Macy's for around $7 dollars each. It was amazing. The sweater I knew I wanted because it's such a pretty color, but the dress I wasn't sure about. I liked it, but I don't normally wear non-structured dresses, especially dresses with patterns. But then I found out the wonderful sale and thought about summer and bought it.

The only thing wrong with this outfit was having to wear shorts underneath it because fashion people think that non-see-through fabric is super hard to make.

This was for the last day of Fiddler, when I was super happy and excited and needed some cheery clothes because it was over.

What you can't see are the high-heeled boots underneath my jeans. My super comfy, worn jeans that I love.

It's that sweater again! And a ridiculous pose that I just had to share with you guys to match the ridiculous headband. Thank you Blaire Waldorf for following me to the mall and giving me an intense desire to buy one. And thank you Forever 21 for selling them for 3 dollars.

There were other ridiculous pictures from this but...

These were my Arting clothes. My mom jeans that are loose and hide my butt and were okay to get paint all over. A band T (Flyleaf, if you are being super nosey). And a button down.

P.S. I learned that I no longer know how to model.

I bought this dress for one of the first times I went to New York Ren Faire. Wait. No. For my second year going. There weren't any clothes that looked time period appropriate. Then I found this and it made me think of a fairy.

So, of course, I had to buy it.

Anyway, I wore this Thursday. First, because it was beautiful out so I wanted to wear a skirt. Second, because I had my voice class which meant singing and I wanted a dress like Emmelie de Forest wore for Eurovision and my awesome skirt disappeared. So this sufficed and I felt epic.

Especially with the hemp and clay beads anklet I added and a pretty leaf necklace.

So, that's it, folks. My first Style Sunday. You get to be as confused as people who see me in real life are by my wardrobe. And get to see how weird I look in pictures because, really, cameras and I have a weird relationship.

Enjoy your passions this week and find an outfit that you adore!

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