Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Writerly Wednesday:

Yesterday was crazy so I didn't make it to Travel Tuesday. Again. So hopefully next week.

But, anyway, today is Wednesday, so I have something else.

I am sure you know about the Marvel Universe, especially the movies.

Have you seen them? You should. I love them. I love Loki in Thor: The Dark World in particular. I want to find him and love him and find a way for him to still be an evil villain because, honestly, he's kinda sexy as a villain, but then also make him a nice evil villain. No. I am not fangirling. No idea what you are talking about. This is completely healthy. Actually, it is. I am not super obsessed. That's just what that movie invoked in me.


So there is the Marvel Universe.

xmenrelationshipmap.jpg (1355×1441)
from through google

I don't know if you have watched all the movies and have seen everything on social media connecting everything, but, Marvel is scary. Not even in how everything is so well planned out. But in the casting. I was watching Thor  and one of the guys from the 2nd Captain America was in it for a minute and I started making weird noises and scaring my dad (who was watching it before I hopped over him to sit on the couch and eat his rice cakes).

So, that level of planned out ness (if that makes sense. And I am sure there should be hyphens there but I don't want to use them. So sue me.) scares me. Just a wee bit.

But whenever I start to get super my mind is about to implode feeling from it...

I remember that I have a universe like that. My friend calls it the Naomtumniverse. As it is hers, too.

And, believe me, if you think Marvel is mind-imploding, we implode our minds all the time.

Or used to, anyway. I think we have gotten kind of used to it by now.

Every story is linked together through something. Buildings, characters, species, gods. All sorts of things.

It is kind of maybe sort of really exponentially (it's a cool word but used for math, apparently. Stupid math) crazy.

If anyone is a fan of Tolkien, a true fan because I am going to be a Tolkien snob here, you know that everything of his is connected somehow. Even Roverandom, which was adorable, is connected to Middle Earth somehow. I found that amazing when I realized that. And then laughed because we always said we were like Tolkien and Lewis and ah-ha! we were even more like Tolkien than we ever dreamed.

So one day, we will (somehow, I promise you, it will happen, I demand it) one day be sitting with our books on your shelves and you will pick up the first book and then begin reading others and then you will have to go back and read that first one again because holy babies and bananas they are connected! and then your mind will kind of sit in a daze for a while because of EVERYTHING.

And we will laugh because imagine writing all of that and having to deal with editors who will want to cut out "useless" scenes that actually are the post-credits sequences for the Marvel universe, just for the Naomutumniverse.

And it will be fantastic.

And yes, I have used And possibly way too much. And that might sound crazy, all of that, but it's true. Just maybe not you reading our books, although you totally should. As in, you're reading this, right? Look for my name on the cover of a book one day. Or scan this blog in a year or two to see if anything is happening with our universe print-wise.


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