Sunday, May 25, 2014

Style Sunday:

For S.S. I have come to realize I have yet to master two things. 1. How to take a selfie. Especially selfies in mirrors. 2. Because of this unmastered skill, I prefer to ask other people to take pictures of what I am wearing for me. But I usually forget to because I really don't like asking favors of people. Especially favors that involve taking pictures of me because it makes me feel super vain. Even though it is for a blog and is about the random clothing I wear, not how I look or anything like that.

I also realized that it's super hard to keep up a blog when grounded from a computer. Because I still manage to get grounded. My family is weird.

So, these outfits are from random days for the past 2, maybe 3, weeks. A lot of outfits I loved are missing, but there are pictures! Without further ado, here you go!

Outfit 1:

Nothing too special here. I wanted to wear a skirt and then paired it with a brown shirt. That skirt, by the way, did scary things to my hips. You can't really tell in the picture, but I went from pretty decent hips and butt (as in, I have them, you can tell) to, holy crap, I think Texas came to hang around my pelvis today. Also, yes, that is a screwdriver. I'm pretty sure this happened right after half my room ended up in the bathroom because of installing a new carpet.

Outfit 2:

Outside of my creepy demon eyes here... i like this outfit, despite those being my mom jeans because half the time they fit like mom jeans. Nothing against mom jeans, I find them super comfy and like to art in them. That hat (the one that isn't a fedora but I don't know the real name) has been with me since I was 13. It is somehow still alive and it makes me love it all the more. Also, I love putting long sleeves with shorts whenever possible. My legs don't like being confined but my arms find sleeves comfy. It's part of why I like wearing dresses.

Outfit 3:

This was for hiking. So, ya know. Tank top with a sweater thing that can come off if I got too hot (and then get tied in really weird ways around me because I can't be a normal person. I'm pretty sure it became something similar to a toga at some point) and, of course, shorts. Super comfy shorts that don't give random pains and are flexible so that I can streeeetchhh and run around like a crazy person. Nothing spectacular.

Outfit 4:

More creepy demon eyes! And my favorite jeans. Or one of them. Avery weird thing because I am not a huge fan of skinny jeans. I got these at Aeropastle on sale for $5. They fit amazingly and let people know that, hey, I have hips (you can't tell as much in this picture, they are still there amazingly). The shirt is 3 years old, but I love it still. All purple and flowy and whatnot. Also, that is my crazy windowsill with all sorts of bottles I want to start decorating.

Outfit 5:

Amid all the crazy stuff, that is me. Attempting a mirror selfie. I do have a face. It was probably making weird expressions at that moment, so I am fine with it being hidden. Mwahaha. Anyway, the clothes. Black shorts. A striped (because I secretly love stripes) shirt with a super cool fit. One day it will be up here without a sweater so you can see its awesomesauceness. And a very used grey sweater - more shorts with long sleeves!

Outfit 6:

Shorts and long sleeves again. This had actually been just a tank top and shorts most of the day, as I went to the arboretum by my house and painted a ton. Then It got later, and thus colder, and my friend wanted to go to Barnes and Noble, so I threw on this sweater and my boots.

Outfit 7:

 So I forgot the flash existed and then for some reason didn't bother to take a picture without the flash. But that is a black vest and a pretty pale pink top. I paired them with skinny jeans and... boots. I think I wore my boots This outfit was for a Shakespeare audition and I dorked out and went as Ren Faire as possible with what is in my closet.

 My arms aren't long enough to capture more, but this might give you a better sense of the top. Random note: I just realized that my hair doesn't end where I thought it sis in this picture. I have strange hair.

Outfit 8:

I make fantastic faces, right? This dress is so much fun to wear. The only problem is that a split goes up basically to my crotch so I have to sneak some shorts underneath there. Forever 21 had these useful yoga shorts (not sure what they are actually called. Legging shorts? Biking shorts?) that I wear all the time because 1. working out and 2. dresses.

For most of the night, once it was colder out, I wore this jacket with the dress. I found it on sale for $10 and got super happy because I could actually afford it.

Outfit 9:

Artist crop jeans from American Eagle with a Paramore T. Nothing special, but some days jeans and a t-shirt are the perfect thing to wear. Also, I really do love wearing basic things like this.

Hopefully over the course of the next week I will master taking pictures of myself (that sentence is so strange to say). Hopefully I amused you. Or something.

I am off to go work my butt off and to try not to buy all the clothes at my job. If your job isn't making you work today, enjoy your Sunday, if it is, good luck!

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