Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Writerly Wednesday: Schedules

If you can't tell, I am terrible at schedules. Mostly because Life is not a scheduled thing. There isn't a heavenly messenger who comes down every morning and lets me know what unplanned events (by me) the heavens have in store for me. So I am often left with very little time or accidentally used up too much time. That happens, too.

Because of all that, I usually don't make schedules for myself.

But I want to.

I want to workout for an hour every morning. Not so much to lose weight (although, I wouldn't mind a little less jiggle on the thigh), but because my body loves the way it feels when I move and I love the way that I can stretch and the endurance I get.

I want to have ten minutes every day, at the very least, devoted to reading.

I want to sit down and write at least 3 times a week.

I want to keep up my blog posts consistently rather than have random weeks where nothing really happens.

Part of me believes this is all impossible because that just isn't how my life works. But part of me believes that if I start to actively fight for these things, I will begin to fight for some other things, some important things.

And I know that's not really about writing, but it also is all about writing. It's about making myself write, no matter what, and keeping track of what I am writing. In the long run, this is about actually finishing one of my many projects because I want to read through it, start to finish, and begin that treacherous thing called editing.

I want to give myself the time to spend with my characters and shaping their worlds. I want to pursue my dreams actively.

Even if it means giving myself a schedule when I hate schedules.

How about you? Do you find schedules useful or useless?

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